Murals and Screens

Murals and Screens are painted by commission. Landscapes are my preferred subject, but I will consider other possibilities. For example, once I painted a circus in a child’s closet! I enjoy working with clients to envision the design, colors, and mood that they seek for a mural or screen.

Screens are oil paint on panel, framed in hardwood with hinges that can be swung both directions, and backed with high quality cloth selected by either the client or the artist.

Murals are oil based paint applied to the walls of an interior room. Plaster and sheetrock must be in good repair prior to painting. I will travel to do murals, expenses added to the price. I will quote you a project estimate for free, based on square footage and the level of detail involved. Generally, murals range from $600 to $1200, or as much as $2000 for very detailed or very large rooms.